We are a young company with our feet on the ground and our heads in the “clouds”.

We like to think big by offering customized solutions, necessary to support the work and needs of our customers. Our primary aim is to find solutions before problems arise, not surprisingly our motto is “think beyond”. We believe that the strength of a company is based mainly on how much it cares about its customers: here we are, we are here to make them feel pampered and followed.

We decided to apply the Lean Startup method theorized by Eric Ries:

“Lean Startup is a radical approach for launching ideas and innovative activities […] that helps to identify a path towards a sustainable business, drastically reducing time and costs, and, consequently, the possibility of failure.” [Wikipedia]


We have taken as a model Toyota that since 1978 has revolutionized the automotive world simply by following a rule: the customer is the most important thing.

How we do it?

We take care of the relationship with the client in the smallest details, we try to be quick in the answers and in proposing solutions, we never take for granted that the customer is there regardless, we take seriously the opinion of all the people who come into contact with ArtsCom and we are not afraid of new challenges.

We are in partnership with companies specialized in sectors ranging from web design to video production, from photography to journalism, from app creation to advertising campaigns, from social media marketing to company profiling. to guarantee a wide range of services.


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