Marco Frusoni CEO & FOUNDER of ArtsCom

Dear Customer,

I am Marco Frusoni, CEO & FOUNDER of ArtsCom. I want to share with you my personal and professional experience which shaped the philosophy behind running this company.

My first introduction to Opera began in 1978 in New York City. My dad took me to the MET where he was performing Radames in Aida. I remember how impressed I was by the majesty of the stage and the power of the sounds. The beauty of the costumes, the smell of the stage boardsand, the number of people moving behind the curtains fascinated me as a child and fascinated me even more when I became an opera singer myself.
For me, stage, music and theater in its totality are a sort of sacred work, which I deeply respect and which charm I would like to convey to  the audience, independently from its cultural background. I have always tried to put my 40 years experience at the service of Art, to feed people’s emotions.

In 2018 I realized that I could do much more by founding a company.

This could give me the chance to make all my experiences and  my passion converge and to optimize the processes that lead a performance to the stage. A chance to support those stakeholders who want to set up an event and those who are the protagonists of the latter: artists.

Now, ArtsCom follows all the processes at the base of a performance, from the selection of the most suitable product, to the setting up of the event. We take care of the promotion both offline and online (web, social media management, media) and of the artists, to make sure that they can express themselves at best.

We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to improve your business and I am confident we make 100% commitment to keep you a satisfied customer.